I’m a long-time attendee, I don’t need to register, right?
Everyone needs to register regardless of how long or how many times they’ve attended the show.  We need to check your profile information and update your buyer information as well. This helps us and vendors prepare for your arrival. It only takes a minute.

I am on file. Do I need to submit my qualification documents every time I attend a show?
No. Once you are a CERTIFIED BUYER, there is no requirement to submit full documentation every time you attend a show. Your certification is good for a two-year period.   Registration for the show is still required however. Show management and vendors need to know you are coming to be prepared.

Can I bring a guest?
Yes. Up to two guests can be registered.

If I am the spouse of a business owner, can I attend?
Yes. You may attend as a qualified buyer. However, you need to be listed as a buyer under the business.   Employee spouses would need to be listed as guests.

Can more than one employee or owner attend?
Yes. Up to six people from a business (including owner) may attend at one time.  Should you need more than six people, please contact info@rosehillgiftshows.com.  

Does the owner have to be present for employees to attend?
No. Employees are considered qualified buyers on behalf of the business.  However, the business must present the required documentation for registration.

Can I pre-register or register online?
Yes, we offer online pre-registration. While we are under pandemic regulations, it may be required. Onsite registration may not be an option. Check the show/registration page for specific details.

Can a child attend with me?
No person under 13 years of age is permitted to attend. This is to protect vendors and their merchandise as well as other buyers and their purchases. This is strictly enforced. 

Can I bring a wheeled bag or cart for my purchases?
Yes, but with limitations. Small wheeled bags/luggage/carts/wagons are allowed.  The aisles are not conducive to numerous shoppers and large wheeled bags or carts.  We reserve the right to restrict or prohibit the use of wheeled bags/luggage/carts/wagons/etc. at any time. Please note there are carts available for use once you have completed your purchases. This may change depending on CDC, local health department regulations during the pandemic.

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