Buyer Registration

Gift Show Buyer Registration
Rosehill Gift Shows are open to the wholesale trade only. Registration requirements are in place to maintain the purpose and integrity of the show. We want to ensure that only qualified buyers conduct wholesale transactions at our shows.

If you are a returning owner/buyer AND we have your business credentials on file you will not need to verify your business in order to attend. If we do not have your credentials we will ask you to submit the required documents in order to confirm your registration.

Please know that our goal when asking you to provide proof that you are affiliated with a retail business is to cultivate and advance the level of professionalism for you and the industry - it is not to annoy or discredit your years in the industry. This policy can be reviewed in its entirety on the website under the Buyer Requirements tab.

Shop owners/buyers new to the show can submit the required documentation needed to approve attendance along with their registration.

Business Details - Tell us about your business.
The information you provide is considered true and accurate for your business. Event details will be communicated to you using the information delivery channels provided. Failing to provide complete and accurate information will hinder our ability to communicate and deliver timely updates.

Please beware that with the current COVID-19 circumstances changes are happening day-to-day. We will share updates via email and social media. While we are more than happy to answer questions, phone calls are simply not a feasible way to communicate changes. We have roughly 700+- people at each show. Notification every time there is an update makes this very difficult and time-consuming. We appreciate your understanding!

What show will you be attending? *
Rosehill Gift Shows does not sell, rent or lend buyer information to third party marketers.
Buyer Information
Are you new to the show or a returning shop owner?
Let us know if your business is "new to the show". Most likely if your business has registered previously we have your credentials on file! If not, no worries! Certification is easy and once completed you will be a Certified Buyer until 2023!
Has your business/shop registered to attend the show previously under the company name listed above? *
If you've attended previously but under a different business name, what was the name of that business?
New to the Show Shop Owner/Buyer Document Submission
Maximum upload size: 15MB
If you are new to the show, you will need to submit a copy of your CURRENT Retail Sales Tax license and a document that shows a transaction made in the name of your business. This may include a purchase order, invoice, lease agreement, utility bill, business check, bank statement, etc. Business cards are not acceptable as a transactional document.
If you need to register more than 4 Buyers and 2 guests including the Owner, please complete and submit the registration form. Then email Guests must be accompanied by a registered Buyer.
Tell Us a Little About Your Store
Show management DOES NOT sell or rent information we collect as part of your registration to outside or third party entities. We use the summary results from the follow questions to determine event needs and provide the best show possible for you.
Privacy Policy & Indemnification
The following policy applies to ALL attendees of trade shows and events produced by Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC., who include but are not limited to Vendors, Sponsors, Buyers and Visitors. Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC. reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at any time. A copy can be viewed at

Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC. places the highest priority on earning and keeping our customers’ trust and confidence. A portion of the information gathered is considered professional information and will be used for Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC. statistical analysis of trade show attendance and furnished to trade show vendors and event sponsors. NONE of the information provided is sold to third party entities.

Attendees, whether registered directly or through the Owner's/Company's Authorized Agent, agree to hold Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC., Gateway Center/Paroquet Springs Conference Centre and their agents and contractors harmless from any and all claims, demands, lawsuits, liability, loss, cost, attorney fees and expenses of whatever kind of nature which arise out of a result from attending or participating in the Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC. trade shows and/or events whether or not foreseeable, including without limitations, personal injuries to attendees or his/her invited guests.

Attendees understand photographs and video may be taken for the purpose of event promotion. Registration and/or participation in Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC. trade show and/or events are an acknowledgement of personal responsibility and acceptance of the hold harmless agreement, both written and expressed.