Vendor Name Badge Submission Form
Vendor Name Badge Registration

This form is for you to register your booth representatives so that we can have name badges prepared. 

Business Details
It is our understanding that the information you provide is considered true and accurate for your business.
This is how we will communicate.
If you need to register more than 6 Reps please complete and submit the form. You can email rosehillgiftshows@gmail.com with any additional names or questions.
Privacy Policy & Indemnification
The following policy applies to ALL attendees of trade shows and events produced by Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC., who include but are not limited to Vendors, Sponsors, Buyers and Visitors. Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC. reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at any time. A copy can be viewed at rosehillgiftshows.com

Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC. places the highest priority on earning and keeping our customers’ trust and confidence. A portion of the information gathered is considered professional information and will be used for Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC. statistical analysis of trade show attendance and furnished to trade show vendors and event sponsors. NONE of the information provided is sold to third party entities.

Attendees, whether registered directly or through the Owner's/Company's Authorized Agent, agree to hold Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC., Gateway Center/Paroquet Springs Conference Centre and their agents and contractors harmless from any and all claims, demands, lawsuits, liability, loss, cost, attorney fees and expenses of whatever kind of nature which arise out of a result from attending or participating in the Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC. trade shows and/or events whether or not foreseeable, including without limitations, personal injuries to attendees or his/her invited guests.

Attendees understand photographs and video may be taken for the purpose of event promotion. Registration and/or participation in Rosehill Gift Shows/Rosehill Enterprises, LLC. trade shows and/or events are an acknowledgment of personal responsibility and acceptance of the hold harmless agreement, both written and expressed.

COVID-19 Acknowledgement
We have taken enhanced health and safety measures for you, vendors, and other show participants. We are following the CDC and state and local health department guidelines to make this a safe and successful show. You and your designated attendees affirmatively agree to engage in the health-and-safety-beneficial conduct and follow the guidelines while attending the show. Additionally, you and your designated attendees acknowledge and agree to the COVID Waiver of Liability as listed above and provided as part of the vendor packet, website, registration, etc.
By attending a Rosehill Gift Show, you and the designated representatives listed above voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. 

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